NaturalReader: Text to Speech on your Mac or Windows PC

I have been using the free version of NaturalReader on my Macintosh for a couple of years. I find it a helpful way to listen to what I write and check for clarity, flow, and errors.

The current version of the software, NaturalReader Free 15, will read from MS Word documents, PDFs, web pages, eBooks, or any selected text. It will read the text using a voice selected from over thirty different options included with the program. In addition to selecting a voice, users can easily change the speed at which NaturalReader will read. A paid version of this software will also let you save a reading to an .mp3 file that you can download and play on smartphone or other device.

To download the NaturalReader software, go to and click on the appropriate download button for your device.

Download NaturalReader software