Your iPhone and iPad can read out loud to you. Here’s how.

If you turn on the Speak Screen setting on iPhone or iPad, the device can read text out loud from almost any application. There are many third-party apps that also enable an iPhone or iPad to read text out loud, and we will look at some of those in other articles. This article explains how to enable use the iOS Speak Screen function.

Set up Speak Screen

Follow the instructions below to have your iOS device read any page aloud on any app. You can also turn on related options to read selected text out loud or highlight words while your device is reading them.

  1. Open the Settings app
    iPhone Settings app
  2. Select General
    illustration of iPhone General Setting
  3. Select Accessibility
    illustration of iphone general setting -> accessibility
  4. Select Speech
    screen shot of speech settings in accessibility menu
  5. Toggle Speak Screen to on.
    Note: There a are a number of other options under the speech setting that you may like. Try out any of these and see what you find helpful.
    screen shot of speak screen on/off settings toggle

Use Speak Screen

Once you have turned this feature, you can access it by swiping down from the top of your screen with two fingers. You should then get a menu that lets you read the screen at your desired pace.
screen shot of iPhone's text to speech menu
After a few seconds, the play menu will minimize. However, you can expand it back at any time.
screen shot of iPhone's minimized text to speech menu